Uncommon places in Udawalawa region

Udawalawa tourism region is located in Rathnapura district bordering Monaragala, Hambantota and Mathara districts.
Udawalawe National park,Udawalawa reservoir and chandrika wewa (lake) add priceless value to udawalawa tourism region.
        This region provide very easy access to most popular park Yala and Bundala national parks and Hambantota, Mathara and Tangalle towns.
Pure water sheds and virgin waterfalls complete the  beauty of this region. Beautiful water falls are Handapan falls,atha watuna falls,Kolonna falls, Dull fall,
Mala fall,Kurulu fall etc..
Specific tourist attractions:
Ten bends of Rakwana and sooriya kanda morning side.
Religious places:
Sankapala rajamaha viharaya and pussadeva cemetary. Located closer to Rathnapura -Embilipitiya main road . history of this area goes far back Anuradhapura period. (5th century BC to 9th century AD).
2,Ammadu Katharagama devalaya.
This historical hindu temple is located in rich bio diversity area closer to Ratnapura - katharagama main road . History of this area goes far back to Kotte kingom period (1412-1597)
3, Godakawela Tampita temple.
This historical temple has been constructed by meegasthenna adhikaram following a order from King Keerthi sri Rajasinghe who controlled the country in 18th century. (1747 AD) statue of God Saman is a highlight of this temple.
4, Koswetiya Sri vimalarama temple.
This historical temple is located top of the Gee Kiyana mountain range closer to Koswetiya village in Rathnapura -Embilipitiya road. Standing Buddha statue and other statues give great value to the region.
Water falls:
1, Duwili falls
This 80 feet high waterfall is a amazing creation of the nature.we can see this beautiful waterfall when we travel along the route to Rakwana via madampe from Rathnapura.
2, Masimbule Falls.
This waterfall located in Godakawela region. This 150 feet  High waterfall is getting rich from Rakwana river that begins from Sinharaja rain forest.we can see this waterfall when we travel along the route to Rakwana across mas imbula from Godakawela.
3, Handapan Falls,
1, Udawalawe elephant transit home.
2, Wavulpane Limestone Cave.
3, Udawalawa National park.
4,Morning side.