NUWARA ELIYA( up country)  

     Nuwara eliya  is the hill country of the Central prince in Sri Lanka with a picturesque landscape and temperate climate( Coolest area in Sri Lanka) , It is  most important location for Tea production in Sri Lanka.

* Specially during the month of April the season of flowers, pony races, go-cart races, and auto rally.  
* The  town was founded in the 19th century by the British

*  Many of the buildings retain features from the colonial period   


Polonnaruwa,Sri Lanka


     Polonnaruwa is in north central  province in Sir was the fifth administrative center of      Rajarata.

    The kingdom of Polonnaruwa was abandoned in the 14th century. it is the most ancient of Sir Lanka kingdom ( has been declared a world Heritage site)  it was the second capital of Sir Lanka after the destruction of Anuradapura in 993. it comprises besides the Brahmanic monuments built by the Cholas. the monumental ruins of the fabulous garden city created by Parakramabahu 1(King) in the 12 century. 

 Polonnaruwa remains one of the best planed archaeological relic site in the country.

Polonnaruwa has a tropical climate most of the year.

It is more enjoyable for tourists

Trincomalee , The stunning eastern beaches.


                               Trincomalee is the administrative headquarters of the trincomalee district . located    on the east coast of the island.265 .km away from Colombo, 113.miles south of Jaffna, and 69 miles north of Baticaloa 

*  Trincomalee city is home to the famous Koneswaram temple ( recorded history spans more then Two and half thousand years beginning with civilian settlement associated with the Koneswaram temple in the pre- modem ara )

* The city also has the largest Dutch fort on the island.

*  One of the oldest cities in Asia

* Trincomalee is a natural deep harbor attracted seafarers.

* Trader and pilgrimsfrom Europe, Middle East, Africa.China. East Asia,and Australasia since ancient time (400 BEC.)

* The area is famous for Bathing and swimming,owing to the relative shallowness of the sea.

* allowing one of the walk out over hundred meters in to the sea without the water reaching the chest.

*  Whale watching.

Koneswaram temple (Hindu)
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Ella ,Sri Lanka.


  Ella is a very small city located near is 200km away from Colombo towards the east and is situated 1041 meters above the sea level. Approximately 44000 people living in the area.Ella is rich with high bio diversity.
Main attraction here are;

1,Most beautyful train journey will happen here between nanu oya railway station to Ella with full of natural sceneries.
2,Ella mini Adam's peak. This easy climb but you will get 360 amazing view with endless view towards to southern coast.

3,Ella rock is another giant rock located in Ella itself.if you are serious with outdoors then must do will take about 4 hours to complete it.(I mean round trip).

4,Nine arch bridge.

5,Rawana  water fall,located 8 km away from Ella towards to Yala.

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Udawalawa national park.

Udawalawa National park

    Udawalawa is a popular Tourist destination and third most visited park in Sir Lanka. is an important habitat for water birds . the park lies on the boundary of Sabaragamuwa nad Uva province in Sir Lanka. covers 30821 hectares of land area.

* Clearing natural Forest
* wet and  dry zones.
* some mountainous areas.
* water falls & River.
* open grassland.
*  bird (famous for Bird watching site) 
*  Butterflies 
* Bear
* Sir Lankan elephants

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Anuradhapura, 1st ancient capital


Anuradhapura is one of the ancient  capitals of Sri Lanka.(Third Capital of the kingdom of Rajarata), north of the current capital Colombo. It is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world, and now a UNESCO world Heritage site. that's way we are ( ruwantrips ) recommend this place to visit   

 Moon Stone (Sandhakada Pahana) 

Avukana Statue 
Samadhi Statue 
Sri Maha Bodhi tree


 * Sigiriya (Lion Rock) is a ancient place. (200.meters  high) it was selected by king Kasyapa (477-495 CE) for his  capital.

* After the king's death it was used as a Buddhist monastery until the 14 century.   

* it is a one of the best preserved examples of ancient planning and most impotent urban planing sites of the first millennium.

* The garden of the Sigiriya are one of most important aspects of the site. its the oldest landscaped gardens in the world      

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Dambulla ( Golden Temple)

*   Dambulla cave temple is world Heritage site,Situated in Central part of Sri Lanka.

* The Temple dates back to the first century BCE.

* The rock towers 160.m over the surrounding plains.

* Its the largest and best preserved cave temple complex in Sri lanka

* its away from from Colombo city, from Katunayake Airport, and from Kandy city (second capital)  

*** For visit to the place or more infor....,  

Lipton Seat

Lipton's seat

The Lipton Seat is located at Haputale ( Uva province) away from Colombo. the point has a fabulous view over 05 province.
* Uva.
* Southern.
* Sabaragamuwa.
* Central.
* Easten
The road via tea estate

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